Alea Restaurante

Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, boasting a rich combination of nature, culture, and history. Truly, visiting the country is a feast for the senses, making it quite easy for any tourist to fall in love with the country’s laidback vibe and delectable offerings. One facet of Spain which is every bit as rich and vibrant as its culture and history is its cuisine. True enough, it is not uncommon to see restaurants all over the world which feature authentic Spanish cuisine. The price point tend to be on the high side, but the taste certainly makes up for the expenses.

But of course, what better place to try out Spanish cuisine in but Spain itself? So if you ever find yourself in Spain, specifically in Malaga, then you should definitely drop by one of the most notable restaurants in the area – Alea Restaurante.

Everything you need to know about Alea Restaurante

Alea RestauranteLocated in Malaga, this Spanish restaurant boasts a rich and expert combination of both modern and traditional. Its location alone speaks volumes about Alea Restaurante’s branding. Located right in the heart of the older part of Malaga, Alea Restaurante is just a couple of streets away from the famous Guadalmedian River running through the very center of Malaga.

Architecture-wise, Alea Restaurante is every bit as dreamy. The building itself is actually an old windmill constructed in the 17th century. The history behind the windmill itself is equally charming. In the 17th century, the windmill produced the flour supplied to the bakery below it. At the time, the said bakery was the only one located inside the Moorish walls outlining Malaga. In time, the windmill was used for other purposes and even as a factory. It was not until the 1950s that the said windmill was converted into a restaurant. Since then, the windmill has become a prominent feature of Malaga and has caught the fancy of locals and tourists alike.

Aside from the novelty of the windmill-turned-restaurant, the interior of Alea Restaurante is equally dashing. Paintings dating back to the 17th century lined the walls of the restaurant. The paintings all bear a resemblance to those found in the famous Iglesia del Sagrario. In 2009, the windmill housing Reastaurante Alea was restored by Jose Ramon Fauras, a prominent Spanish architect. The original features of the windmill, such as the stone walls, marble columns, large windows and wooden beams, were retained, thereby preserving the restaurant’s rustic feel.

The architecture notwithstanding, Alea Restaurante actually features a pretty modern interior. The bar, for example, is made out of metal and glass, and ornamented with pink and blue mood lighting. This lends a chic and ultra-modern look to the bar against the rustic background of the windmill.

Alea Restaurante and Spanish cuisine

Alea RestauranteAlea Restaurante might have gained fame due to its interesting architecture, but it remains to be a great restaurant through and through. Its menu, for one, certainly does not disappoint and is in keeping with its Instagram-worthy interiors. The dishes served by Alea Restaurante all display great quality and passionate skills. Inasmuch as the interiors of the restaurant speaks volumes about its creative vision, the same creativity is also well-manifested in the food served in the restaurant. Rather than being confined to just Spanish cuisine, the restaurant features foreign dishes as well, all the while guaranteeing authenticity through the skills of the foreign chefs hired by the restaurant. Alea Restaurante’s Japanese chef mainstay Massanori Miyamoto, for one, has done wonders in helping the restaurant provide top-notch Japanese cuisine right in the very ehart of Malaga.

For tourists, however, Alea Restaurante’s foreign dishes might not be the most attractive thing in the menu. No worries though because if you are visiting the restaurant for a taste of authentic Spanish cuisine, then you are definitely in good hands. Most of the menu items are traditional Andalusian recipes prepared with a modern touch, allowing the restaurant to cater to a more modern customer base. The food prepared in the restaurant are proudly fresh and healthy, and made from the best available ingredients.

In addition to being a visual and gastronomic feast, Alea Restaurante is also a great venue for a host of events, ranging from corporate gatherings to personal celebrations. The restaurant offers different menus catering to different events, giving the diners the splendid opportunity of a personalized dining experience. And like any good Spanish restaurant, Alea Restaurante boasts an impressive selection of wines from vineyards both local and abroad. The wines are specially curated to ensure that diners can have a great wine with the equally exquisite meals offered in the restaurant. The restaurant also offers a wide variety champagne for special occasions.

For those who are more into cocktails than wine and champagne, no need to worry because Alea Restaurante has a well-equipped bar that is as much a gastronomic delight as it is a feast of the senses. Even better, the bar in the restaurant also features a tapas bar which serves traditional Spanish tapas alongside the restaurant’s unique creations.

Truly, Alea Restaurante is among the most memorable restaurants one can find in Malaga. From the architecture, down to the interior design and the menu, one can easily see the careful thought that went into the conceptualization of this restaurant. Indeed, it boasts a skillful combination of the modern and the traditional, of the innovative and the rustic. Plus, it is not only Instagram-worthy, it is also worth every penny you will be spending on its extensive menu.

If you want a full Spanish cuisine experience with a touch of the modern and maybe a taste of other cuisines, then Alea Restaurante is the place to be. Not only will you be able to taste authentic Andalusian offerings, but you will also get to taste the modern twist that the restaurant’s chefs put into their menu. Trust me, if ever you find yourself in Malaga, your trip is not complete until after you have eaten in Alea Restaurante.